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We are so glad that you have chosen to worship God with us at Calvary Worship Centre today. It is important that you are touched by the presence of God and find fellowship with His people, so settle in comfortably and enjoy your time spent in God’s presence with His people. We are a Bible-based, multicultural, community church with a dedicated team of warm, genuine, people who love the Lord and are pleased to serve you.

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Beware Pogo-Stick Christians

Concerning the last days Jude speaks of the proliferation of “wandering stars for whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever” (Jude 1:13). These are believers with no fixed destination in mind. They have no set plan for their lives and they always see greener pastures over the other side of the fence. They bounce from church to church and one never knows where they will land next. If they bounce into your church just keep the back door open. They will bounce out.
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Celebrity Preachers

Modern Christian tribes have largely kicked out Jesus for the younger and more charismatic leaders. Celebrity athletes and stars in the entertainment world who profess faith in Jesus Christ have become the standard bearers for millions of Millennials. These celebrities offer them a faith that makes no demands on their lifestyle and which puts no restrictions on their behaviours. If you have a propensity to steal or do drugs or rape children then that is okay because you were born that way. Humans fail to understand that we are all being led by someone, if not by Christ, then by the Devil.
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Sunday School

We have three Sunday school classes – Adult, youth and children Sunday school classes to cater to the different age needs.

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Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry at CWC serves to minister to children ages 2 years to 12 years weekly to help them to know God and live for Him.

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Hospitality should be valued as an expression of kindness, neighborliness and a response to a life centered on Christ.

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Music and Worship

Helping our people experience the sufficiency and express the supremacy of Christ in a unique and special way.

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Our ushers strive to be the best at what they do, always attaining to newer standards in order to assist in many different capacities.

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Cup of Hope

COH-CARC is aware of the diverse difficulties and the feelings of ambivalence that usuallyprecedes and surrounds any one who has made a decision to come for counselling or any onewho is in crisis or any one who has been recommended for counselling. The desire for healing,hope, personal and interpersonal health does not reduce the personal struggles, the ongoingchallenges and difficulties that are associated with the process of counselling, neither does italleviate the doubts, or answers the queries that you might have.

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Community Outreaches

World Vision

Regeneration Outreach

Samaritan’s Purse

Vita Centre

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