What We Do


We serve people who are concerned with their own or someone else’s involvement with alcohol, drugs or problem gambling. We provide comprehensive assessments, treatment planning, case management, referrals, education, and individual and group counselling – tailored to meet your individual needs. We provide a spiritual component with a deliverance session.

Programs Assessment

An assessment helps us understand your circumstances and helps us guide you to the services and type of help that will meet your needs. We use a standardized assessment and other forms and questionnaires to help us gather information. We also want to hear from you! Your counsellor will listen to understand your unique situation. You will have an individual session with your counsellor when you will be able to talk about how substance use, gambling or gaming, or other addictions are affecting your life, and what challenges you face that make it difficult to make changes. Then you and your counsellor will discuss your goals and explore treatment options to help you meet your goals. Sometimes it is helpful for our counsellor to speak to other people, such as your physician, your employer, your probation officer, social workers, or family member. This will only be done with your written consent.


Confidentiality is the foundation of counselling. If people couldn’t trust that what they shared in therapy stayed between them and their counsellor, there would be no point of going.

At COH-CARC confidentiality means that:

  • What you share in counselling remains between you and your therapist.
  • If you see your therapist in public, he or she will not greet you unless you greet him or her first.
  • The only thing that takes precedence over confidentiality is safety.
  • That is why there are four limits to confidentiality where your counsellor must report to the appropriate authorities:
    • If you say you are going to hurt yourself.
    • If you say you are going to hurt someone else.
    • If you say that a child is being abused.
    • If you say that you have been abused by a licensed professional, such as a physician or another counsellor.
    • If you are involved in a court case, your therapist notes could be subpoenaed.

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Wednesdays Bible Study/Prayer 7.30 PM

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