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About Counselling At Cup of Hope – CARC

The Counselling Relationship

The counselling relationship is primarily a professional relationship in which your counsellortries to engage with you in such a way as to facilitate your healing and growth in relation to theconcerns and issues that lead you to seek counselling.

About Your Counsellor

While your concerns and welfare are the primary focus of counselling, you have a right to knowinformation that pertains to the professional background, qualifications, training andcounselling perspective of your counsellor. You have the right to ask and be given informationon the kind of counselling you will be provided and the risks of counselling.

Number of Sessions

As a client of COH-CARC you are entitled to the amount of sessions you pay for.

Counselling Approach

The approach COH-CARC utilizes incorporates a wide array of styles. However, recognition isgiven to the personal and interpersonal dimensions of life as experienced and expressed incognitive, emotional, behavioural and relational dimensions.

Expected Outcome of Counselling

While your counselor will be as responsible as possible to help you realize your goals as they relate to counselling many find that, for various reasons, the end result varies considerably from their initial expectations.

Risks of Counselling

While COH-CARC is committed to an anti-oppression framework and the virtues of honesty and integrity, it should be noted that counselling is not without its pain and risks. It often involves identifying painful emotions, identifying unhelpful personal and interpersonal interaction patterns and uncovering “family secrets” all of which can evoke emotional pain.

Case Management

All counsellors of COH-CARC are required to attend case management meetings and often will consult with peers on clients’ issues. These case management and consulting processes are in place to help to facilitate the counsellor’s therapist’s ongoing professional development and to ensure that you receive professionally competent and ethically responsible counselling.


COH-CARC is aware of the diverse difficulties and the feelings of ambivalence that usuallyprecedes and surrounds any one who has made a decision to come for counselling or any onewho is in crisis or any one who has been recommended for counselling. The desire for healing,hope, personal and interpersonal health does not reduce the personal struggles, the ongoingchallenges and difficulties that are associated with the process of counselling, neither does italleviate the doubts, or answers the queries that you might have.

Since COH-CARC is interestedin ensuring that you have sufficient knowledge about our services and the process ofcounselling the following information is provided in order to allow you to have the knowledgethat is necessary to make an informed decision about counselling. Should you at any time havequestions that are not addressed below, you are encouraged to talk to your counsellor.

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