Sunday School

September – June (9:30am – 10:00am)

We have three Sunday school classes – Adult, youth and children Sunday school classes to cater to the different age needs.

At our Sunday school classes, we do a systematic study of the Bible to improve our knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. Our goal is to encourage obedience to God’s Word and living out what we study.

Through our Sunday school buddy system, we seek to share our concerns from our lives and spur each other towards spiritual growth through prayer, words of encouragements, acts of kindness, etc.

Our Sunday school operates on the school calendar year, that is, between September to June. It holds for 30 minutes on Sunday from 9:30am – 10:00am.

We invite you to join us and let us grow together.

Join us for Worship


Sundays 10.00 AM - 12 AM 

Wednesdays Bible Study/Prayer 7.30 PM

Prayer Line: Monday-Friday @ 10 AM - 11 AM