Treatment Planning

You have many treatment options, and you and your counsellor will discuss what options mightbe best for you. To have the best outcomes, it is important that you be matched to the type andintensity of treatment that is going to meet your needs. There are a variety of types oftreatment for substance use and harmful gambling concerns, including short- and long-termoutpatient counselling, day programs where you attend every day but go home in the evening,and inpatient treatment programs of different lengths. It is important to keep an open mindabout treatment — different approaches work for different individuals and what might havebeen helpful for a friend or family member may not be the best fit for you. For example, if yourassessment determines that you can benefit from short-term counselling, you might choose tocontinue to see your counsellor at PAARC, or attend one of our groups, for your treatment. Ifyour problem is determined to be more severe, you might choose to be referred to a moreintensive program, such as an outpatient psychotherapy counselling centre, a day programwhere you attend every day but go home in the evening, or an inpatient treatment programwhere you can stay for a period of time, depending on your needs.


COH-CARC provides referrals to a wide range of services, and can help you connect with those services. For example, you might want help with parenting, or with finances. You might have legal concerns and need help from legal services. You might want to attend a program at another addiction agency or a mental health agency, or information about how to connect with a self-help group or peer support. We can help you determine if those programs are suitable for you and then help you link to those services. Sometimes you will access other services at the same time as you are attending COH-CARC.
We know you can’t be with us all of the time, and we want you teach people how to help themselves should there be a struggle.

Here are some potentially helpful links:
Alcoholics Anonymous –
Narcotics Anonymous –
Ontario Mental Health Hotline –
Cocaine Anonymous –

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